Model with Polifuson housing to be used in applications with reduced dimensions.

The different models of optical level indicators are used to control the level in tanks and containers, normally of reduced dimensions, in which non-scaling and clean waters, oil, chemical products, etc. are used.

The optical controllers bases their function on the reflection outline. There is a LED and a phototransistor inside the plastic housing of the sensor.

When there is no liquid covering the cupola, all the light from the LED is reflected to the phototransistor. When the level of liquid covers the cupola of the sensor, the reflection rate changes and some of the light is not reflected to the phototransistor and it activates the signal. When the liquid goes below the cupola, the signal switched back.

It is simple: The sensor is fixed in the tank or tube with the thread proccess connection M12x1.


Approximate measures given in mm.

Technical data

NameOptical sensor
TypeL-06T – ref: 2701-1
Supply voltage5 – 12 V DC ± 5 %
Tank pressure+5 bar
Cable output3 wires x 0.20 meters
Contact functionTTL
Capacity of the contact40 mA (at 25º C) (resistive load)
7 mA (at 125º C) (resistive load)
For capacitive or inductive load reduce at 50%
Temperature range-40° C – +125° C
ProtectionIP65 according to DIN EN60529
Weight0,01 Kg
CableSingle insulation PVC

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