to your business and your work

According to the dictionary of the Royal Spanish Academy, the commitment is: Obligation contracted. Word given. And that is precisely one of the aspects that has characterized Filsa for more than 65 years, the commitment to our clients, their business and their work.

At Filsa, our clients find a team of very well-trained professionals and a way of doing things based on proximity.

We organize ourselves and constantly train ourselves to always have a wide range of quality products and to be able to offer advice in an efficient, reliable and responsible manner with the aim that the client has what he needs when he needs it.

and reliable

+3M devices installed

In the more than 65-year history of FILSA, one of the oldest companies in the sector, we have installed more than three million components, a milestone that is only achievable for those organizations that, day by day, demonstrate their reliability both through the products they manufacture as well as the service they offer.

This reliability is endorsed by the manufacture of high quality and durable products that make the customer feel safe with their purchase decision, because we have an excellent quality-price balance. and because we offer solutions designed to be easy to install so that all technicians and installers can use them without depending on third parties.

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