Versatile model with Stainless Steel housing.

The overpressure and depressure protection valve VPN-I protect the overpressure or depressure that can be in the containers due to the pneumatic pressure filling systems by a tank wagon, the blocking of the filters or the air inlents and outlets, a reduced size of them or due to the effect at the end of the filling procces when the product is finished and there is a uncontrolled filling of high pressured air. Also, this effect is produced in a large way of time due to the fermentation or chemical reactions of the differents products inside the container.

Due to this protection, the valve prevents the formation of cracks, dents and deformations that in many cases leaves the silo out of service.

The valve actuate if there is an overpressure or a depressure that overreaches the presetted values.

Before a high pressure in the silo, the valve opens and allow the exit of the excess of air balancing the pressure. Normally in these cases, there is a part of the product that exits to the exterior. In case of a depressure, there is an inlet of air from the exterior to the container.

Use the own valve to place in the top of the silo a mark. For a proper function, the valve has to be mounted in a horizontal plane.

After the welding of the valve, mount it with the screw shackle or by screws depending on the model of the valve.


Approximate measures given in mm.

Technical data

NameProtection valve
TypeVPN-I ref: 2240-I
Ambient temperature 20º C – +80° C
Adjusted pressure 50 mbar for overpressure,
-2 mbar for depressure
Maximum pressure (adjustable)60 mbar for overpressure,
-12 mbar for depressure
Weight10 Kg
HousingStainless Steel 1.4306
RingStainless Steel 1.4306
Connection gasket FDA EPDM
Water-tight gasketFDA Caoutchouc foam P.C.E. 30

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