The filling control valve VCLQV are to be used to signal and ensure the connection of hose in silo or deposit installations or any other tranport system due to the swiveling lever and control the transport or distribution for dusty and powdery, granulated and grainy bulk goods or viscous or liquid products due to the pneumatic valve.

While coupling the counter coupling or hose coupling, the lever is swivelling besides and the limit switch will be actuated.

At the ending of the coupling, the lever moves back to the initial position and the switch is disengaged.

Inside the valves there is an elastic hose made of Natural gummy that is squeezed either by compressed air or by water pressure. The existing solids are encolsed due to this compression and when there is no pressure in the valve, the hose opens and returns to the original shape allowing the flow of product.

Mount the indicator using the counterflange.

The lever must be installed over the connection, approximately at medium height and when it is mounted to inclined or horizontal tubing, the swivelling lever limit switch always must be mount on the top side. The lever must fall trough his own weight in the drafted final position.


Approximate measures given in mm.

Technical data

NameFilling control valve
TypeVCLQV DN-80 – ref: 2901-0-080
VCLQV DN-100 – ref: 2901-0-100
Swiveling lever:
Supply voltage10 – 250 V AC (50 – 60 Hz)
10 – 250 V DC
Contact function1 NO + 1 NC
Capacity of the contact1,5 A / 250 V AC (for resistive loads)
For inductive or capacitive loads reduce at 50%
Cable output 5 meters
Ambient temperature -25° C – +70° C
Product temperature+80° C
Pneumatic valve:
Proccess pressure+4 bar
Control pressure +2.5 bar over the proccess pressure
Difference in pressure +2.5 bar
Solenoid 3/2-way control valve:
Power consumptionAC pick-up power 14 VA
holding power 21 VA
DC 8 W
SolenoidAdjustable 4x90°
Electrical connectorAdjustable 4x90
Maximum air temperature+60° C
Minimum air pressure 0 bar
Maximum air pressure+10 bar
Nominal flowFrom 1 to 2 100 l/min
From 2 to 3 120 l/min
Nominal size Ø 1,8 mm
ProtectionIP65 according DIN EN60529
Weight17 kg depending on the model
- Swiveling level:
   HousingZincated steel
   CableDouble insulation PVC
- Pneumatic valve:
   Process connectionAluminium
   Elastic hoseNatural gummy resistant to abrasion (NR)

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