ATEX VC rotation controllers serve to detect any reduction in speed rotating mechanical element, such as the rotor of motors, conveyors, buckets, screws, etc.

Certified for use in hazardous Areas (ATEX Zones) by Powder.

The axis of rotation controller is coupled to the mechanical element to be controlled by its mounting thread or the magnetic accessory that is supplied on demand. This element transmits rotation to the blades located inside of a box with a transparent lid and completely waterproof. These are detected by the inductive sensor incorporating the driver inside. At the time that the rotational speed is lower than set by the developer of rpm, the output relay will change state relay LED lighting up green. This situation will be stored until the VC network being disconnected. As a safety feature, you must to reset the system to continue working. To power again, the cycle will repeat.

Can perform an automatic adjustment of the speed, which is associated directly with a threshold value of -33% low speed. You can program the low speed threshold where will the alarm on the values -33, -20, -11 and -6% of the initially set speed.

The way of mounting the VC is greatly simplified by using the magnetic mounting fixture as they simply must adhere it to the metal element rotation (generally the rotation shaft) and then screw the controller.

Can directly attach the mechanical threaded attachment of the VC to the rotary element (generally the rotation shaft), performing a drill M12x18 mm. In this case should ensure proper centering of the drill to prevent the eccentricity of the VC.

In both cases, it is recommended to set the fixing tape anti-rotation VC to a reliable anchorage point.


Approximate measures given in mm.

Technical data

NameRotation control
TypeVC-A – ref: 2191-A-001
CertificationsDust: ATEX II 3D - Ex Td IP67 T80º C
Supply voltage10 V DC – 36 V DC
Output current0 – 100 mA
Rotation speed6 r.p.m. (actory preset)
6 – 1000 r.p.m. (adjustable)
Status indictorGreen LED
Electrical connectorM12
Mechanical connectionM12x15 mm
Working temperature-20° C – +60° C
Ambient temperature-20° C – +60° C
ProtectionIP67 according to DIN EN60529
Weight0,36 g
Blades and screw fixingStainless Steel

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