The SCP 30 D M AT capacitive controllers are indicated for the general detection of solid products such as feed, cereals, grains... in silos, hoppers or containers. ATEX certified model under directive 2014/34/EU to operate in potentially explosive atmospheres due to dust 1D, Zones 20 (both interior and exterior).

Marking Ex II 1D Ex ta IIIC T20085 °C Da. The relay and the supply voltage are galvanically separated, so it is considered a sufficiently safe device by itself and does not need to be powered through external galvanic separators such as Zener barriers. It has the NFC interface for parameter adjustments with a Smartphone.

These sensors allow the detection of solids or liquids in a timely manner to carry out the detection of their level or flow. They also detect solid products through non-conductive walls.

The controllers output is protected against overloads and short circuits. In addition, as the components are encapsulated in resins, these detectors are immune to moisture, noise or electrical interference from mobile phones, drives, motors, etc.

Robust design model with resistant plastic casing and impact tested up to 7 Joule.

When the product level reaches the height of the controller and is within its detection field, the electronic circuit inside it reverses the state of the control relay. When the product disappears from the detection field, the relay returns to its initial state.

The standard way of mounting is by means of one of the mounting accessories that is supplied on request.

Inside mount. A Ø 30 mm hole must be drilled in the silo or container so that the controller can pass freely and fix it using the mounting nut from the inside.

Outside mount. With a Ø 30 mm hole for the controller to pass freely, prepare the mounting accessory together with the detector, then fix it to the wall of the tank using two holes according to the mounting flange.


Approximate measures given in mm.

Technical data

DenominaciónControlador capacitivo ATEX
Tipo y ref.SCP 30 D M AT – ref: 2802-A-007
(modelo certificado iDOL 46R)
CertificacionesEx II 1D ta IIIC T200 85 ºC Da
Tensión de alimentación20 – 250 V AC/DC (multi-tensión)
Salida reléNA o NC según cable conectado
Intensidad de salida4 A con carga resistiva
2 A con carga inductiva
Carga mínima100 mA; 12 V
SensibilidadAjustable 0 – 20 mm dependiendo del material.
Preajustado para detectar grano
Tiempo de ajuste0-3600 segundos
Temperatura de trabajo-30 °C – +50 °C
ProtecciónIP69K según NEMA 1, 3, 4, 6, 12, 13
Peso0,25 Kg
Salida cable5 hilos x 2 metros
(5, 10 metros bajo demanda)
CuerpoPlástico reforzado conductivo
CablePVC con doble aislamiento
Accesorio (bajo demanda)Plástico reforzado conductivo

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