Pressure transducers “under request”

These devices are used to control, with a continous measurement with a 4-20 mA or resistive Ω output, the level in tanks, containers, ... of liquids like waters, oils, chemical products, aggressive liquids like acids or alkaloids, ... scaling or non-scaling products depending on the model.

The magnetic transducers are indicators that are made under request depending on each application. There are models with Stainless Steel 1.4401 or PP body and with PVC cable output. This cable has a double insulation chamber, a reference Nylon cable to balance the outside pressure and a Steel cable to reduce the strain of the cable.

The pressure membrane is made of ceramic that provides the indicator with a high reliability in front of temperature changes because there is not a fluid chamber.

Also, there are models to mount into the container wall or into a tube with a thread connection to prevent damage to the cable and reduce turbulence.

The continuos measurement of the device is related with the membrane. The membrane, sensitive to the pressure of liquid, is related with a Weathstone bridge that provides a continous and proportional output related with the deformation of the membrane.

The standard form is mounting the device is hanging the indicator from the top of the tank or container using the own cable. There are models with a G 1/2 " thread in the bodyo to screw the sensor in a support or tube to prevent damage or turbulence.

For a correct use of the transducer, the reference tube must be not obstructed, bended or crushed, this could provoke false signals.


Approximate measures given in mm.

Technical data

NamePressure transducer
TypeTPS... – ref: 2760...
Supply10 – 35 V DC
Output4-20 mA
Resolution0,01 – 0,014 % FE
Response time< 1 ms
Measurement range50 mbar – 40 bar,
depending on the model
Body diameterØ 18 – 40 mm
CableWires: 3x0.34 mm2
Reference: 1x2 mm
Reinforcement: Ø 1.6 mm
Cable lenght10 m. Other lengths under request
Breaking load 110 Kg
Temperature range-5º C – +70º C
ProtectionIP68 according to DIN EN60529
BodyStainless Steel 1.4401 or PP
SensorCeramic, Aluminium oxide
GasketStandard NBR
CableDouble insulation acrilic PVC
Reference tubeNylon
Reinforcement cableSteel

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