Model to be inserted in a pipe, can be side or vertically mounted. With housing made of Cupper.

The flow switches are used to control the flow in tubes and pipes in which waters, oil, chemical products, etc. are used.

There is free movement system inside the device. When the liquid flow of the pipe pulls the paddle actuates a REED switch.

The switch has to be insterted between a pipe welding the device or using proccess accesories.

The models can be side or vertically mounted due to a return spring sytem.

The indication arrow in the body has to be faced to the flow.

For a proper function, the device must be installed in straigh pipes with a mininum length at least of five times the diameter and far from valves or filters to avoid turbulence.


Approximate measures given in mm.

Technical data

NameFlow switch
TypeLIT-VT – ref: 2606-6
Maximum pressure+10 bar (+20º C)
Cable output2 wires x 0.5 meters
Maximum voltage250 V AC and 200 V DC
Contact function1 NO (Closed with flow)
Capacity of the contact1 A, 40 W (resistive load)
For capacitive or inductive loads
reduce at 50%
Ambient temperature-30° C – +100° C
Minimum flow1l/min (not adjustable)
ProtectionIP65 accordin to DIN EN60529
Weight0,07 Kg
CableSimple insulation PVC

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