The conductive control level relay L-ED 2 with the conductive probes is used to control 2 levels or to keep between 2 points the level of conductive liquids like water, oil, chemical products, etc., in 2 tanks or 2 recipients.

Conductive probes could be supplied under request.

The conductive level indicator L-ED 2 bases its work in the conductivity of the liquids to control. They have 2 level controllers associated with a relay. They can work independently or related.

It is necessary an electrode or a probe for each level and a common electrode. If the tank is conductive, it could be used as the common electrode.

For an automatic empyting control of 2 independetly tanks: The relay 1 operates when the liquid reaches the maximum level electrode, and it releases when the liquid goes below the minimum level. Meanwhile, the relay 2 operates when the liquid reaches the maximum level electrode, and it releases when the liquid goes below the minimum level.

If only 2 independent signal, maximum or minimum, should be indicated, it would be enough mount a jumper connection, in the relay 1 and in the relay 2. The relay operates when the liquid reaches the probe, and it releases when the liquid goes below it.

It is simple: the device has to be installed in a DIN rail using the undecal socket. The connection of the probe/s depends on each application and the requested models of the probes.


Approximate measures given in mm.

Technical data

NameLevel control relay
TypeL-ED-2 – ref: 2750-4...
Suppyl voltage:
2750-4-230230 V AC (50 – 60 Hz)
2750-4-115115 V AC (50 – 60 Hz)
2750-4-02424 V AC (50 – 60 Hz)
Power consumption3.2 VA
Galvanic isolationYes
Max. cable section Ø 1 – 2,5 mm2 of a good insulation cable and normally without shielding. If the cable are connected in parallel, it is recommended the installation of shielded cable and with earth connection. The minimum insulation resistance should be minimum 200 kΩ.
Max. cable length 150 m, cable sin apantallar.
without shielding (depending on cable type and the application)
Relay output AC mod. for loadResistive AC 8 A / 250 V
Resistive DC 0,25 A / 200 V, 8 A / 24 V
Inductive AC 2,5 A / 250 V
Inductive DC 4 A / 24 V
Function statusRelay engaged: red LED
Under voltage: green LED
Ambient temperature-20° C – +50° C
Relative humidity30 % – 85 % HR
ProtectionIP20B according to DIN EN60529
Weight0,27 Kg
Current in probes line4 mA
Voltage in probes line24 V AC
Insulation voltage2.500 V AC
Insulation resistance>104 MΩ
Mechanical life30x106 operations
Sensitivity7 – 100 kΩ
LED visorLexan

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