L-29 with plastic housing

The pneumatic level controller is used to control 1 level in liquids at atmospheric pressure. Model with electrical microswitch output, Plastic housing and IP65.

Besides liquids can control fluid mixtures that allow the tube to be cleaned after the level of mixture downs.

The liquid or mixture that is controlled must not emit vapours that rarify the entrapped air inside the tube. This could be provoke a misfunction of the device.

The controllers bases their function on the pneumatic outline. The controllers have an electric microswitch activated due to a membrane sensitive to pressure.

The action on the microswitch is carried out by the pressure of the air column entrapped inside the tube and the pressure chamber. Depending on the model, a water height of 40 mm.w.c. is sufficient to trigger the switch.

There are models with a micro pneumatic valve and there are other models that activate the switch due to a depression.

The models with sensitivity adjustment “SR”, the models with double signal “DS”and the models with “A99” switch have a regulation system with a spring that allows the adjusment of the sensitivity. Tightening the regulation nut to reduce the sensitivity and increase the strain of the liquid to activate the microswitch.

Make a hole wide enough to introduce the tube or fix it with the mounting accesory usuable.

Ensure of the water-tightness of the unions. Do not use tow or Teflon tapes, only screw the tube to the housing up to the base gasket.

In lateral mounting, ensure of a minimum height of the tube of 200 mm minimum after the elbow.


Approximate measures given in mm.

Technical data

NamePneumatic controller
TypeL-29 with Plastic housing – ref: 2401-P-001
L-29 Viton-Parylene
with Plastic housing – ref: 2401-P-003
Type of signalSingle signal
Actuating pressureStandard NBR – +60 mm WG
Viton-Parylene Model – +100 mm WG
Tank pressureAtmospherical
Maximum pressure+0,5 bar
Cable entryM20x1,5
Switching voltage250 V AC
Switching function1 NO + 1 NC
Capacity of the contact6 A / 250 V AC (for resistive loads)
For inductive or capacitive loads reduce at 50%
Ambient temperature-5° C – +60° C
ProtectionIP65 according to DIN EN60529
Weight1,5 Kg
Housing and capGlass reinforced Polypropylene
Pressure chamber (base)Glass reinforced Polyester
(Under request Aluminium)
(Under request Viton-Parylene)
Base gasketEPDM
Xicle antiturbulence
(under request)
Tube connection screwG 1" female

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