The overpressure indicator KP observes the pressure as a limit switch in silos and vessels. It is used to prevent the overpressure that can be in the containers due to the pneumatic pressure filling systems or the blocking of the filters or air outlets. This signal prevents the formation of cracks, dents and deformations that in many cases leaves the silo out of service.

The operation of these devices is very simple. A very large Stainless Steel membrane, to avoid the dust and dirt causing obstructions, is sensitive to the air pressure and transmits this to a rod which actuates a micro switch. The controller is adjusted at 400 mm w.c. (0.04 bar). Other pressures are available under request.

The device has to be mounted vertically in the top of the silo or vessel using the own flange of the body.

Drill a Ø 71 mm hole and 4 holes in the top of the silo or vessel and mount the indicator using screws, rods, fasteners, nuts M8 or using the counterflange under request making sure of the horizontal position of the membrane.


Approximate measures given in mm.

Technical data

NameOverpressure indicator
TypeKP-A1 – ref: 2230-0-001
Actuation pressure+400 mm.c.a. (+0.04 bar)
(Other pressures under request)
Ambient pressureAtmospherical
Maximum pressure+0,5 bar
Cable entryM20x1,5
Maximum voltage250 V AC
Contact function1 NA + 1 NC
Capacity of the contact15 A / 250 V AC (for resistive loads)
For inductive or capacitive loads reduce at 50%
Product temperature-25° C – +80° C
Ambient temperature -20° C – +70° C
ProtectionIP65 according DIN EN60529
with condensation protection valve
Weight1,20 Kg
HousingAluminium, RAL 7001 coated
(Under equest Stainless Steel, -A2)
Flange connectionAluminium
(Under request Stainless Steel)
MembraneStainless Steel 1.4301
Fixing gasketRubber
Welded counterflange Stainless Steel 1.4305 (under request)

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