Vibrating level indicator with fork for vertical or horizontal mounting. With sensitivity adjustment and detection type adjustement. Versatile, with a wide range of applications.

To be used to control the maximum or minimum level of bulk solids in silos or vessels and recommended for dusty and powdery, granulated and grainy bulk goods like dust, flour, grain, sand, plastic, etc. with a minimum bulk density from 0.01 t/m3.

It is not recommended for sticky solids or products that have the tendency to settle over the fork.

The fork must to be exposed to the material. The fork of these controllers is activated to its resonant frequency by a piezoelectric system. When the product covers the fork, the vibration is dampened and the control unit reverses the signal.

When the product disappears from the fork, it returns to the normal vibrating state and the signal turns to the initial position.

The device can be mounted horizontally or vertically depending on the model.

The normal installation is by screwing the device onto the deposit wall, with a mounting flange or with an appropiate support to fix it. For a proper function, the device should be installed with a 20º to 30º slope from the horizontal onto the silo wall to to facilitate the flow of the material and to prevent the material from remaining over the probe. The correct position of the probe is when the marks in the proccess connection are up and down. With this position the product can flow between the fork and prevent damage to de probe due to the material weight.


Approximate measures given in mm.

Technical data

NameVibrating level indicator
TypeILV – ref: 2190-...
Supply voltage
2190-230-001 230 V AC (50 – 60 Hz)
2190-115-001115 V AC (50 – 60 Hz)
2190-024-00124 V AC (50 – 60 Hz)
2190-2122-00118 – 36 V DC
Power consumption1 VA
Density of the productFrom 0.06 t/m3
Maximum pressure+25 bar
Cable entry2 of M20x1,5
Relay output 1 NA + 1 NC
1 A / 250 V AC
Function statusUnder voltage: green LED
Relay enabled: red LED
Product temperature-20° C – +80° C
Ambient temperature-20° C – +60° C
HousingIP66 according DIN EN60529
ProbeIP67 according DIN EN60529
Weight1,36 Kg
ProbeStainless Steel 1.4305

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