Sensitive membrane level indicator. Is to be used to control the maximum level of bulk solids in silos or vessels or control the flow and obstructions in tubes, pipes, conveyors, etc.

These controllers consist of a switch actuated by a membrane and it is recommended for dusty and powdery, granulated and grainy bulk goods like dust, flour, grain, sand, plastic, etc. with an easy flow and a bulk density from 0.3 to 2.5 t/m3.

The membrane must to be exposed to the material.

The movement of the switch is the result of the pressure exerted by the incoming bulk material against the membrane which forces the membrane to move backwards, reversing the position of the switch and the signal is used for example to control the transport system in the silo.

The models “A-100”, “AD”, “SR” y “CD2M” and the models with S.S. membrane have a regulation system by a spring that allows the adjustment of the sensitivity. Tightening the regulation nut to reduce the sensitivity and increase the strain of the material to activate the microswitch. Clockwise insensitive.

The models are adjusted at their maximum sensitivity. It is necessary to ensure the proper pressure to the membrane that returns the membrane when there is no product covering it.

Drill holes in the silo or vessel and mount the indicator using screws, rods, fasteners or nuts M6 making sure of the easy flow of the material and ensure that the product leaves the membrane without product on it.


Approximate measures given in mm.

Technical data

NameMembrane level indicator
TypeCD S – ref: 2202...
Density of the product0,3 t/m3 – 2,5 t/m3
Ambient pressureAtmospherical
Maximum pressure+0,5 bar
Cable entryM20x1,5
Maximum voltage250 V AC
Contact function1 NO + 1 NC
Capacity of the contact5 A / 250 V AC (for resistive loads)
For inductive or capacitive loads reduce at 50%
Ambient temperature
CD standard -20º C – +60º C
CD with Aluminium housing -25º C – +80º C
ProtectionAccording to DIN EN60529
CD standardIP53 / IP40 depending on the position of the cable gland
CD with Aluminium housingIP65
CD standard 0,48 Kg
CD with Aluminium housing 0,95 Kg
Sensitivity60 – 1000 g adjustable
(Depending of the model. Consult your application to our Technical Department)
HousingGlass reinforced Polyester
(Under request Aluminium)
MembraneNBR (Under request Viton)
Mounting ring and screwsZincated Steel
(Under request Stainless Steel 1.4301)

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