Standard model for lateral mounting with Stainless Steel 1.4401 body, total length 80 mm and 65 mm of elbow, S.S. Ø 30x30 mm float, 1 SPDT contact, with thread process connection to mount the device from the inside of the tank and with cable output.

These devices are used to control the level in tanks, containers, bypass pipes, ... of liquids like waters, oils, chemical products, ... with non-ferric particles in suspension are used. This model is specially indicated to be control the maximum, minimum or an alarm level in small tanks.

The magnetic float switch BA-52 has a guide-way body where a float moves. Inside the body there is a REED contact that change its position due to the magnetic field of the magnet placed inside the float when arrives at the contact point. When the liquid level falls, the float moves back and the signal turns into the initial position.

The standard form is mounting the device with the thread proccess connection. Drill a hole in the side of the tank or container, polish it to prevent damage and introduce the cable from inside and place the group to the wall verifying the position of the device. Keep the position of the group and tigthen the nut, verify the position of the indicator and connect the cable to the system of control.

Depending on the application, the indicator can be mounted from the bottom of the tank or container (facing down).

For a correct use of the level switch, the float must not touch the walls of the tank and it is necessary to ensure the free movement of the float.


Approximate measures given in mm.

Technical data

NameMagnetic float switch
TypeBA-52 – ref: 2512-2
Body length70 mm
Body diameterØ 12 mm
Number of contacts1
NO (NC reversing the float)
Position of the contactsMinimum
Capacity of the contact50 W, 0.5 A, 230 V AC (for resistive loads)
For inductive or capacitive loads reduce at 50%
Electrical output1 meter cable
Thread Proccess connectionG 1/4”
FloatØ 52 mm (standard)
Product density0,7 Kg/l
ProtectionIP65 according to DIN EN60529 with Epoxy resin protection, non-removable contact
Max. pressure +30 bar
Max. temperature+120º C
BodyStandard Stainless Steel 1.4401
FloatStandard Stainless Steel 1.4401
Mechanical stopsStandard Stainless Steel 1.4401
CableDouble insulation Silicone

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