The motion indicator VC with the inductive sensors SN are to be used to detect the dicreasing of the speed of metallic elements like the rotor of the motor, transport lines, elevator buckets, etc.

The inductive sensor SN must be placed and exposed to the metallic element to control each rotation. With every single detection, the detection LED will be illuminated.

If the rotation or element speed is lower than the adjusted selection, the electronic circuit reverses the signal and the status LED will be illuminated. This position will be memorizied until the unit will not be disconnected from the supply and a reset of the electronic unit will be done as the VC is a security device. When there is supply, the signal turns to the initial position.

If the polarity changes or there is a break of the cable, the detection LED will be illuminated.

It is simple: the device has to be installed in a DIN rail using the undecal socket. After electrical connection, the unit control has to be installed in the socket and proceed with the adjustements.

The standard form is mounting the inductive detector is screwing the device or with the nuts accesories that are supplied.

Near the detection element, place a support to fix the sensor, as near as possible but with the security that the inductive sensor will not be touched, and drill a M18x1 mm or M30x1.5 mm hole and fix the device with the nuts or screw the device into it.


Approximate measures given in mm.

Technical data

NameMotion indicator
TypeVC – ref: 2191-...
Suppyl voltage:2191-230 – 230 V AC (50 – 60 Hz)
2191-115 – 115 V AC (50 – 60 Hz)
2191-024 – 24 V AC (50 – 60 Hz)
Inductive sensor SNStandard M18x1
(Under request model with inductive detector M30x1.5)
Relay output2 NO + 2 NC
Capacity of the contact5 A / 250 V AC
Rotation speed30 – 300 r.p.m. (adjustable)
(Under request 3 – 30 rpm adjustable or 300 – 3.000 rpm adjustable)
Initial response time0 – 10 s adjustable
Maximum detection range5 mm
Function statusSupply: green LED illuminated
Pulse detection: red LED pulsing
Relay engaged: red LED illuminated
Function status SNDetection: yellow LED
Cable SN2 wires x 1 meter
Product temperature-20° C – +70° C
Ambient temperature-10° C – +60° C
ProtectionIP65 according to DIN EN60529
WeightVC – 0,25 Kg
SN – 1,15 Kg
Housing VCPlastic
Housing SNNiquel-plated Brass
Detector face SNPlastic
CableDouble insulation PVC
Undeckal socketPlastic

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